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Domestic Wells


We specialize in complete water well design, development, construction and maintenance for residential sites. 



Irrigation / Stock Wells




Well Abandonment

Abandoned wells are water or monitoring wells which are no longer used to supply water or have the potential for transmitting contaminants. A well that is no longer used and not maintained can become a threat to the health and safety of humans and animals. To reduce these risks, HYDRO can fill or seal the well in accordance with state and local regulations.


You can learn more about Well Abandonment here:



Maintenance and Repairs

Public water suppliers are required to test their drinking water regularly and make these tests results available to the public. If you use a private well, it is your responsibility to maintain the well and ensure your water is safe to drink. To do this, you must periodically test the well water for contaminants and protect the wellhead.

Click here to learn more about a private well owners responsibilities:

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